Talks and Lectures

Defending Rights Defenders.

Event Chair | Organizers: ENCA | Location: Tattershall Castle, London | Date: September, 2017 |

Understanding Data.

Event: Lunchtime lectures at GeoPlace | Location: NAO, London | Date: February 2017 |

Mapping human rights defenders in Latin America.

Event: Latin America Conference | Location: TUC, London | Date: December, 2016 |

Cezanne the Cartographer.

Event: AGI GeoCom | Location: RGS, London | Date: December, 2016 |

Data, Visualisation and Human Development.

Event: Oxford Big Data and Development Symposium | Location: OII, University of Oxford | Date: September, 2016 | Presented with Dr. Joanna Boehnert.

Post-Brexit Solidarity and Latin America.

Hosted by ENCA | Location: Passing Clouds, London | Date: 11 August, 2016 |

Bigger Data, Bigger Divide? The role of Big Data and GI Analysis in redrawing the digital information divide.

Event: Freedom of Information in Crisis Zones | Location: Penn State at University of London | Date: May 25-27, 2016 |

Mapping the Violence of Development.

Event: AAG Conference | Location: San Francisco, USA | Date: April 2016 |

How 2 Do It.

Event Organisor | Location: Kings College, London | Date: 9-10 April, 2016 |

The Whole World Turns Upside-down: A future under The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Event: Latin America Conference | Location: TUC, London | Date: December, 2015 |

Walking the Tightrope: Activism and the Academy.

Event: Social Movements and Media Technologies | Location: Goldsmiths, London| Date: December, 2015 |

Exhibition of muralismo colectivo

Organising Team | Location: Senate House, London | Date: October, 2015 |

How digital media, data and GIS are used in legitimizing and codifying local knowledge within the context of International Development.

Event: Transforming data: creative and critical directions in the arts and humanities | Location: University of Westminster | Date: October, 2015 |


Event: DSA Annual Conference | Location: University of Bath | Date: September, 2015 |

Big Data and Development.

Event: RGS Annual Conference | Location: University of Exeter | Date: September, 2015 |

The Digital Toolbox of Social Movements – Social Media vs. Online Mapping.

Event: ICCG2015 7th Precarious Radicalism on Shifting Grounds: Towards a Politics of Possibility | Location: Ramallah, Palestine | Date: July, 2015 |

Geo: The Big 5. Future cities, Security

Event Chair | Organizers: AGI | Location: Kings Way Hotel, London | Date: 9 July, 2015 |

Tools of Resistance: Using maps and social media to create spaces of protest around the extractive sector in Colombia.

Event: Protest Participation in Variable Communication Ecologies. Meanings, Modalities and Implications. International Conference | Location: Alghero, Sardinia, Italy | Date: 24-26 June, 2015 |

Using VGI and UGC to Document human rights abuses.

Event: Geospatial World Forum | Location: Lisbon, Portugal | Date: 25-29 May, 2015 |

Neogeography and the insurrection of knowledges.

Event: Education, Cultural Literacy and Collective Memory in Latin America | Location: ILAS, University of London | Date: 7 May 2015 |

GIS, Big Data and Lessons from John Snow.

Event: GISR-UK | Location: University of Leeds, UK | Date: April 2015 |

Digital Resistance: The use of Maps and Social Media in protesting large scale mining projects in Latin America.

Event: Social-Environmental Conflicts and Human Rights in Latin America | Location: ILAS, University of London | Date: March 2015 |

Legitimizing UGC with GIS: Documenting human rights abuses in Syria.

Event: GeoMobLdn | Location: University College London | Date: March 2015 |

Mapping the Violence of Development.

Event: Public Lecture | Location: University of Westminster | Date: February 2015 |

Mapping Resistance: The Case of El Salvador and Pacific Rim.

Event: Latin America Conference | Location: TUC, London, UK | Date: December 2014 |

Securing Human and Environmental Rights with PGIS.

Event: AGI GeoCom. | Location: Warwick, UK. | Date: November 2014 |

Using PGIS and VGI to support Human Rights and Environmental Justice.

Event: ESRI UC. | Location: San Diego, USA. | Date: July 2014 |